From community organizer to multi-millionaire—it’s the incredible story of a far-left community agitator and his bitter, race-obsessed wife, who together, duped Americans into believing they actually cared about their well-being.

The media, for the most part, have ignored the jet-setting lifestyle of the Obama’s since they left the White House as multi-millionaires, while instead focusing on negative stories about self-made billionaire businessman, President Donald J. Trump. In 2016, Donald J. Trump, walked away from his successful business with his children to put America back together, after his predecessor, Barack Obama, spent eight years gutting our military, placing a target on the backs of law enforcement, and dividing Americans by race. Somehow, the media has managed to make Americans believe Barack and Michelle Obama earned their fortune, while one of the hardest working men in America simply fell into his fortune.

Thanks to their eight years at the White House, the Obama’s, who did very little for anyone, most especially for minorities, are now living a life that less than 1% of America will ever experience.

Michelle Obama, who openly complained about having to live in the White House, and repeatedly spoke about her frustration over the racism she was forced to endure throughout her life, is living a life that 99% of the white population in America could only dream about.

According to the Daily Mail – Barack and Michelle Obama are reportedly trying to buy a sprawling estate in Martha’s Vineyard from Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck.

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The home is on the market for $14.85 million and features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms inside the 7000sqft main residence.

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Outside the main house, there are 29 beachfront acres, a pool, chef’s kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and two guest wings.

Grousbeck had the property on the market for four years, first listing it in 2015 for $22.5 million.

Last year, the Obamas sold their summer home on the island for $15 million. They are no strangers to the island and spend seven summers there while Barack was President.

The sprawling property, otherwise known as Chilmark House, hit the market for a whopping $17.75million in November 2016.

Who could’ve imagined that a Democrat community organizer from Chicago, who for years, sat in a church listening to his mentor preach hatred for America, would someday be living the American dream, as a one-percenter on Martha’s Vineyard?

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