On a Frontier Airlines flight from Trenton, New Jersey to Atlanta, passengers decided to collectively vote a woman off the plane before it took off after she began to act in a disruptive manner.

In a series of videos that have gone viral, a verbal confrontation broke out among Frontier passengers.

The video was captured by TikTok user @lanaisli, who reported to Newsweek that the fight began with a couple on the plane started arguing with a flight attendant about changing their seats, despite being told that it would not be possible.

The pair were thrown off the plane, but not before the man threw a handful of cash at a woman a few rows behind him that had allegedly been “antagonizing” the couple, causing an argument to break out between the two women.

In the first video posted on social media, the woman who was being kicked off the plane yelled at the woman a few rows back, saying, “Has he done anything wrong?… so mind your f***ing business… he hasn’t done nothing wrong.”

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She then yelled at a flight attendant: “Ma’am, he literally hasn’t done anything wrong… so the fact that you’re requesting us to get off the plane is ridiculous.”

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“She needs to get off the plane if anything, f***… you’ve been talking to us, antagonizing us the whole time… mind your f***ing business,” the woman being removed from the plane yelled at the other passenger.

After this couple was removed from the plane, there were still some angry passengers who wanted the other woman removed as well “because she was also in the wrong,” according to the passenger who took the video.

In one of the videos, a male passenger took charge of the situation, calling for a vote to remove the other woman involved in the fight as well.

In the clip, the man loudly announced, “If you want her removed from the flight, please raise your hand… if you can hear me raise your hand if you want her removed from the flight.”

The video showed many passengers raising their hands.

“It was considered a full flight and more than half voted her off, including myself,” the TikToker said.

The man leading the vote then told the flight crew, “We got 40-50 people that would like her removed from the flight.”

After a bit more shouting among passengers, the woman was shown gathering her belongings and being escorted off the plane.



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