Dr. Simone Gold has been sentenced to prison for walking into the Capitol on Jan. 6 and speaking through a megaphone.

Dr. Simone Gold, leader of America’s Frontline Doctors–a team of doctors challenging COVID-19 prevention measures–was sentenced to two months in prison for speaking through a megaphone inside of the US Capitol on January 6th.

Dr. Simone Gold

The Frontline Doctors met in DC in July of 2020 to dispel and denounce left-wing fearmongering and misinformation over the Coronavirus.

Dr. Simone was also in DC on January 5th and January 6th of 2021. On the 5th she delivered a speech at Freedom Plaza. On the 6th, she entered the US Capitol and used a megaphone to deliver the same medical speech she had given on the 5th. For this, she ended up at the top of the FBI’s most-wanted list. She committed no violence and performed no destructive or seditious crime.

Here is an excerpt from the harrowing story Dr. Gold and her son told about the incredible FBI raid on her home to award-winning Hollywood actor and producer Nick Searcy:

“If the government was concerned about my actions or behavior, somebody like me, who’s not violent and has never been accused ever, of anything violent—you would expect a phone call. I’m very easy to track down. So, in no shape or form, was I ever expecting the FBI to scare me to death and break my door down—with 20 guys, a dozen guns, long big machine guns, pointed at me. It was so over the top, there are still no words to describe it.”

One year later, she found herself sentenced to two months in prison over a class A misdemeanor–“entering and remaining in a restricted building.” The Judge rejected her claims that the arrest and subsequent sentencing were politically motivated or trampled her free speech and further punished her with 12 months of supervised release and a $9,500 fine.

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Dr. Simone Gold also had a starring role in the movie Capitol Punishment, which showcases what really transpired on January 6th through the eyes of those actually there.

Below is an excerpt from the powerful, truth-telling Capitol Punishment movie featuring Dr. Simone. You can watch the incredible Capitol Punishment movie in its entirety HERE.

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The media has wrongfully labeled the brilliant and courageous Dr. Simone Gold as an anti-vaxxer and now, an ” insurrectionist” in an effort to vilify her character and make her appear less credible to the masses who trust her more than they trust the dishonest Dr. Fauci.

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