In a recent interview with CNN, Kamala Harris and host Dana Bash were seated comically far away from each other. The two were essentially on opposite sides of the room, a distance significantly greater than the CDC recommended six feet, prompting significant criticism from the public. The part that really got social media talking though was the fact that both women are fully vaccinated and have no reason to even be socially distanced in the first place.

According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people are able to gather without masks or social distancing. They are even allowed to interact normally with unvaccinated people given they are not at high risk for severe COVID-19.

One Twitter user pointed out, “They’re freaking vaccinated”, to which another user replied, “Given how unnecessary this is, we can only assume that the Democrats have something to gain by keeping people unreasonably anxious and afraid of Covid. Why else would they insist on adopting this kind of theater and making it part of the Democratic brand?”

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Another Twitter user pointed out that the whole thing is “all theatre” meant to increase the public’s fear of the virus. The majority of Democratic leaders being so opposed to returning to normal has made opposition question their motives and wonder why they are pushing so hard to keep society in a state of fear surrounding COVID-19.

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