Triple-vaxxed Joe and Jill Biden were photographed last night walking their dog on the beach in Delaware alone, both wearing masks despite no one else being on the beach. Biden is really taking his “patriotic responsibility” to mask up seriously.

Even after his wife removed her mask, Biden continued to wear his even though no one else was around besides the secret service who, according to The Daily Mail, didn’t come within 10 yards of them. The CDC even announced last week that fully-vaxxed Americans can safely go outdoors without a mask. Therefore, it is unclear why Biden thought it necessary to keep his mask on.

People have taken to social media to point out the absurdity of Biden’s “mask theater”.

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Biden is incredibly inconsistent with his mask-wearing habits. Just last month, Biden was recorded unmasked and conversing with people in public. In October, he was also seen coughing into his hand and then going to shake hands with people, again, unmasked.


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