Half the fun of Halloween for older college kids is making fun of each other and using stereotypes to do it. I’ve seen people of ALL races dress up like another race in a stereotypical costume. This includes people of other races dressing up like white people and making fun of stereotypes. We’ve got to stop being offended by EVERYTHING! Halloween is meant to be a chance for kids including college kids to dress up in any way they want. I can guarantee you that there will be plenty of people dressed as Donald Trump with some gruesome wound to his head. It’s all part of what has become a huge fun night for most people. The PC police needs to crawl back into their victim hole.

With this one poster, Wesleyan University is giving college students tips on how to avoid being “offensive” with their Halloween costumes:


Wesleyan University’s Office of Student Affairs is hoping to help students avoid distasteful costumes this Halloween by posting signs around campus that feature a cultural sensitivity checklist to determine if a costume is offensive. It encourages students to ask themselves whether their costumes mock cultural or religious symbols, attempt to represent an entire culture or ethnicity, or trivialize human suffering, oppression and marginalization.
“Unsure if your costume might be offensive?” the sign asks, listing the contact information for various offices and organizations on campus. “Don’t be scared to ask questions.”

POSTERVia: Inside Higher Ed

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