Oh boy! The left is going ballistic over the golf shot but now we have the football pass. The video below is a take on the recent video of Trump hitting a golf ball into Hillary Clinton (not really) and making her fall(see below).


On September 13, President Trump warned Hillary on Twitter that the Americans she referred to as the “deplorabes” would come back to haunt her, as she travels around the nation on her “blame anyone and everyone but me” book signing tour for her embarrassing new book “What Happened”.

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Thousands of Trump supporters responded to his spot-on tweet to Hillary with various comments and videos. The funniest video clip or GIF, came from “Mike” who sent a hilarious video of President Trump golfing and then showing the golf ball landing squarely on the back of Hillary’s head, sending her flying into the cockpit of the plane she’s boarding. While Hillary’s trip into the cockpit is real, (probably a result of too much chardonnay that she’s always bragging about drinking), Trump hitting her in the back of the head with his golf ball is obviously not real.

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Sadly, the left continues to prove that they’re just a bunch of crybabies and delicate snowflakes who clearly can’t take a joke. As we’ve all come to expect by now, the left went nuts on Twitter simpy because our President retweeted a GIF  that he found humorous. 

Here are a few of their responses:

President Trump also retweeted this image of what the electoral map will look like after the 2020 presidential election if the Democrats continue down the same path of hate and division:


The video clip of Hillary is old. She fell getting on the plane long ago. What’s new is the added golf ball hitting her in the back to make it look like the ball made her fall. It’s great because it starts off with a video of President Trump’s golf shot and then you see the special effect of the golf ball hitting (but not really) Hillary. It’s a joke but the left just can’t handle it.

This happened in January of 2011 boarding a plane leaving Yemen. There were no golf balls or footballs involved in the making of this video. 😉

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