In case you haven’t seen the video below, be prepared for a pre-presidential Trump who is uninhibited and so funny.

What a team player he was to sing the ‘Green Acres’ song at the Emmys!

He’s with ‘Will and Grace’ actress Megan Mullally and sings a duo while bouncing up and down…it’s a classic!

It’s  hard to believe our president was on TV appearing in ‘The Apprentice ‘ when this video was made in 2005.

President Trump tweeted out a Throwback Thursday of the video because the Farm Bill was being signed in 15 minutes:

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The left went bonkers when the president tweeted the video saying he compared farmers to ‘Green Acres’…Oy vey!

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“Donald just compared farmers to Green Acres” wrote Todd Spence…as it farmers would care.

According to the left on Twitter, the president can’t be funny. No humor whatsoever…

Doesn’t take much for the left to be offended.

We think it’s one of the reasons why this president resonates with Americans. He can be self deprecating and funny.

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