An incredible video shows an unhinged employee at a Dollarama store in Canada literally stalking a customer to see if he drops his face mask, is going viral on social media.

The video begins with a young male shopper explaining that he’s trying to shop, as a Dollarama employee is seen shouting in the background, “No pictures in the store, please!” The customer explains that he’s not taking a picture but is instead taking a video to document his experience.

“Sir, you will not keep your mask up! Now it is up for the video. Please leave the store!” the unhinged Dollarama employee shouts.

“I was trying to smell these candles here to shop at Dollarama here,” he explains as he pulls his mask down to smell the candles. Suddenly, from another direction, an angry voice shouts, “Put your mask up!”

“Unbelievable,” the young shopper says as he begins to walk away from the candle display. “You guys are outrageous,” he says. He stops to show everyone the face of the angry Dollarama employee who screamed at him from the checkout aisle at the front of the store. “Here, let me just show this guy’s face for the camera,” the young man says as he directs his phone camera at the angry employee.

A female shopper intercedes to defend the young man and tells them, “I know that I won’t be shopping here again, as she agrees that the aggressive overreaction by the employees was entirely uncalled for.

Moments later, the first angry Dollarama employee/mask security officer can be seen holding the door open for the young man to leave as he shouts at him, “Get out of the store!” The young woman with two children can be seen leaving at the same time as she tells the employee she doesn’t know why he’s making such a big deal of the situation. “He’s wearing a mask!” she points out as she tells him she will never shop there again.


Dollarama is a Canadian-based dollar store with over 1,300 stores in Canada. The Dollarama store website is currently advertising for sales associates. Curiously, in their job description, it doesn’t mention anything about stalking customers in the store or about kicking them out if they drop their masks to smell a candle.

Here is their job description:

In March, it was revealed that more stringent measures by Canadian authorities due to the pandemic in December negatively affected Dollarama’s in-store traffic and sales for the 4th quarter.

Will chasing customers around and shouting at them in front of other customers for dropping their masks to smell a candle help Dollarama with sales?



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