It takes a special kind of monster to sit back and allow a special needs child, restrained in her seat by a five-point harness, to be brutally bitten by another special needs child. According to parents of a 10-year-old special needs girl in Wisconsin, that’s exactly what happened. Lily’s father claimed his daughter was seated behind the bus driver when the violent incident took place.

According to Fox News – A Wisconsin 10-year-old girl with special needs was “brutally” bitten by another mentally disabled student while riding the school bus this week, leaving the girl in pain with severe bruising on her left arm, according to reports.

Parents Lynn Waldron-Moehle and Chad Waldron claim another mentally disabled girl on the special-needs school bus gnawed into their daughter’s arm as she was constrained by a five-point-harness car seat and was unable to escape. The bus driver did not stop to intervene; they told Green Bay’s WBAY-TV.

The couple said their daughter Lillian “Lilly” Waldron was sobbing inconsolably and clutching her arm when she got off the bus coming home from Langlade Elementary School in Green Bay.

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The parents said the school’s principal — who reviewed video surveillance from the bus ride — described the scene as “gruesome and horrifying to look at.” Waldron-Moehle said her daughter had no way to defend herself and no adult present willing to help her.

“She can’t tell them to stop. She couldn’t get away. She’s in a five-point harness car seat. She just had to sit there and take it, and the bus driver wasn’t stopping,” Waldron-Moehle said.

“If you can’t keep an eye on these kids and they are special needs, then you need to bring somebody in to be watching, if the bus driver can’t do it,” the girl’s father added.

A representative from Lamers Bus Lines confirmed that drivers are permitted to step in when physical fights between students break out, but the parents allege that this driver chose to do nothing, WBAY reported. The Green Bay Area Public School District is conducting an investigation.



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