Former COVID Testing Czar and former Assistant HHS Secretary Dr. Brett Giroir called out Joe Biden for a “complete rewrite” of the history of COVID vaccines during his White House speech (see below) announcing the first 100 million COVID vaccines given.

Biden has repeatedly trashed the Trump administration’s efforts to get the COVID vaccine out by saying he came into office with a “disaster” on his hands.  He then turns around and takes credit for the Trump administration’s efforts.

Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher asked Dr. Giroir about Biden’s speech today (see below) where he lied through his teeth again by saying he came into the office to a “disaster” but was able to get out 100 million doses of vaccine.

Dr. Giroir said Biden is “taking credit” for accomplishments that were made during the Trump administration. This is just one of so many brazen lies and distortions Biden has made without any push back from the media. It’s great to hear the truth from someone on the front lines of the COVID vaccine effort.

“It continues to amaze me how the president could stand up and completely rewrite history and go fast and loose with the science and the data…”

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During Biden’s speech today, he also called Kamala Harris, president…AGAIN!

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