Less than 3 weeks after the November election, DeKalb County fired their election manager because of the multiple election errors that were discovered during an audit following the election, saying the election manager “blatantly disregarded the required processes.” DeKalb’s numbers were off by 732 votes.

Last night, as the Senate races in Georgia tightened in the Democrat-leaning DeKalb County, the new DeKalb election director doesn’t appear to be doing much better than the previous one. First, she announced that 117K outstanding votes were about to be uploaded into the tabulators. Shortly afterward, she announced that they had 54K more votes to tabulate than she originally reported. When Georgia’s Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling, was asked about the discrepancy, he shrugged it off as an election official who is simply tired.

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Curiously, according to Kyle Becker, CNN reported that according to the DeKalb election director, there were 130K outstanding ballots. Becker tweeted that CNN repeated the 130K number three times during their broadcast.

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This Twitter user points out: Really interesting, as Loeffler and Perdue’s lead grew, so did the number of outstanding votes in DeKalb County. Like magic, it traveled from 130k to 170k. Always enough to overcome the lead at that moment.

CNN told their audience that DeKalb had 130K remaining ballots that needed to be tabulated. Keenan Bexte tweeted that only a half-hour after CNN announced that 130K ballots had yet to be counted in DeKalb County, that they changed the number to 171K, explaining that in the county that typically votes 80% Democrat, 130K votes wouldn’t be enough to push the Dem Senate candidate to the number he needed to win.

Finally, CNN can’t even recite the percentage of votes tabulated correctly. Fox News host Damani Felder tweets about CNN saying 98% of the vote was in and a few minutes later says only 97% has been tabulated. He ends his tweet appropriately with #StopTheSteal

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