Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) has been a leading critic of the Department of Defense’s woke turn as the Pentagon under Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley has pushed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) briefings on soldiers and a variety of other left-wing initiatives.

Previously, Gaetz and other lawmakers discovered that drag queen story hours and all-ages drag queen shows were being hosted on US military bases.

Gaetz took Milley to task during a Congressional hearing and demanded to know if Milley was aware and if he supported the lewd displays.

Milley claimed that he was not aware of such events happening on military bases and if they were, that he was opposed to them.

It’s clear that Milley either did not follow up or was being willfully ignorant as Gaetz informed him of another ‘child friendly’ drag show occurring at Nellis Air Force Base in Southern Nevada this week.

In fact, Gaetz went so far as to hand Milley a folder containing evidence of drag shows that were marketed to children after the hearing.

In his latest letter, Gaetz documented five more instances of all-ages drag shows on military bases.

““Please provide answers to all questions posed in this letter and clarification on whether any punitive action has or will be taken against individuals who facilitated drag events with taxpayer dollars by June 12, 2023.” Gaetz concluded.

Breitbart Reports

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is demanding to know from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley why drag queen shows and story hours are still happening on military bases — something they both testified they do not support.

Gaetz wrote in a letter to Austin and Milley regarding an upcoming “family friendly” drag queen event at Nellis Air Force Base scheduled for June 1, “In this latest outright attack on children, this event is being advertised as having no minimum age requirement.”

Gaetz during the March hearing forced both Austin and Milley to say whether they supported these events. Under questioning, both claimed ignorance at first and ultimately said they do not support the events.

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