VIRGINIA governor Terry McAuliffe decided to get political today when he spoke out during the presser for the Virginia shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise. Leave it to a political hack like McAuliffe to bring gun control into the discussion: “There are too many guns on the street. We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”

Leave it to this uneducated political snake to make this all about politics and gun control. He eventually corrected himself to say that it’s just 93 people a day who are victims of gun violence. How many are saved BECAUSE they are armed with a gun? Lives were saved today because the Capitol Police were armed. That’s all thanks to Steve Scalise who is a leader in Congress and gets protection. It they hadn’t been there, who know how many would have been killed!

McAuliffe is a Clinton crony who has always been a snake in the grass. He will do anything to get ahead politically. He’s been involved in a questionable  redistricting in his state and prior to the 2016 election he made it possible for thousands of felons to vote.

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