Pandering is what Hillary does best. First it was the black vote with her meeting with Al Sharpton and now it’s the Latino vote in Nevada. This is such a dog and pony show! None of this matters if Hillary still wins the super delegates. At least Bill gets to have fun…


Hillary Clinton’s campaign has received a much needed shot of glamour with actresses America Ferrera and Eva Longoria speaking at her final pre-caucus rally as Clinton made a last ditch bid to secure Nevada’s Latino vote.

With just hours to go before the state becomes the ‘first in the west’ to caucus for the Democrats, and polls showing Clinton in a statistical tie with Bernie Sanders, the Latino vote has become the key demographic to win, making up 27.8 percent of the state’s population.
America Ferrera, 31, was the first to speak to the crowd of more than 600 supporters who had gathered on the grass of Clark County Government Center Amphitheater on the chill February evening.

Flanked by a suitably diverse blend of loyalists spanning every demographic and invited to sit square in the line of cameras there to record the event, America asked:
‘Who’s ready for Hillary? I am so ready for Hillary.’
In comments designed to rebut criticisms that the campaign has notably failed to connect with young voters or convince others that Hillary possesses warmth and likability, America said: ‘I’m a millennial, female voter and I’m not only for Hillary but really like Hillary.
‘She’s the kind of person I want to share a bottle of wine with. I really heart Hillary…I’d like to Netflix and chill with her. Maybe because I am an American Latina who has experienced first hand the kind of inequities Hillary has spent her career trying to fix.’
She continued: ‘Hillary stood with Latinos even before the Latino vote was desirable.’

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