The cast of Game of Thrones visited the Syrian refugees in Greece and then talked about what should be done without knowing the truth. The were being used to promote refugee resettlement…they have NO clue:

“Refugees were being deliberately misrepresented as a financial burden and security threat.” – Lena Heady

The truth is that these refugees are a financial burden and a security threat!

Taking a break from on-screen murder and scheming, three stars of the hit show “Game of Thrones” this week met with Syrian refugees stranded in Greece by Europe’s closed-door policies.

Maisie Williams, who plays the young assassin Arya Stark; Lena Heady, better known as psychotic Queen Cersei; and Liam Cunningham, aka the valiant Ser Davos Seaworth, made the trip in association with the US-based relief agency International Rescue Committee. The trio visited Lesbos, the Greek island at the heart of Europe’s refugee crisis, and two migrant camps in northern Greece.
Heady told The Associated Press on Friday that the trip had been life-changing.


More than a million migrants and refugees have traveled from the shores of Turkey to Greek islands since early 2015. Families crossed in dinghies and unsafe boats and continued to mainland Europe during the crisis, which triggered border closures across the continent. It also started an explosive political debate that emerged as a key issue in Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union, and is likely to play a role in upcoming elections in Germany and elsewhere.

Headey described Europe’s treatment of people fleeing war in Syria and other countries as “utterly ridiculous.”

“They just want a voice. That’s what they all said to each of us — ‘tell my story, tell my story’ — and that’s what we’re going to do,” she said.

“It was a life-changing trip to see firsthand the enormity of the loss of humanity that’s at stake. These people can and want to contribute to the world. They are smart with education and skills and we’re not allowing them to. We just stop them living. It can’t continue.”

Refugees, she said, were being deliberately misrepresented as a financial burden and security threat.


Via: Times of Israel


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