This social media campaign against the GAP is a great example of how the Black Lives agitators are using resources like Twitter to intimidate and threaten individuals, colleges and even large corporations like GAP. You can’t blame these blacktivists for using “white guilt” as a weapon to game the system, as a means to gain an advantage over everyone else (Hispanics and Asians included). The real question is, when is someone going to be brave enough to stand up and say “enough of this manufactured hate!”

The ad for Gap’s latest collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres is awash with pleasing blue hues, from the kid models’ navy outfits to the talk show host’s denim jacket.

But the shades that really caught people’s attention were on the children’s skin. The commercial’s stars were three white girls and a black girl.

That, in itself, wasn’t a problem. In the days following the campaign’s launch last week, what drew ire from commentators online was the seeming passivity of the African American girl. While the other girls eagerly fielded DeGeneres’s questions about their troupe “Le Petite Cirque,” she sat silent. While the white girls were highlighted performing solo acrobatic tricks, she seemed to appear only in reference to the others — balancing on someone’s knees or with her arm wrapped around someone’s waist.

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At least, this was the interpretation of those who were angered by the ad. And they were angered, most of all, by a photograph that showed the white girls standing in all manner of complex poses while the black girl’s arms dangled idly at her sides, her head a cushion upon which another white girl rested an elbow.

This imagery sparked the usual chain of reactions online. Those who were offended minced no words in expressing their outrage, and they were promptly reprimanded by those who thought they were overreacting.

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Many critics zeroed in on the caption Gap had used to introduce the campaign: “Meet the kids who are proving that girls can do anything.”

The Root’s Kirsten West Savali articulated the essence of the distress: “While all of the girls are adorable, and indeed, all of them should grow up to be and do anything, it becomes problematic when the black child is positioned to be a white child’s prop.”

What race agitators at “The Root” neglected to mention is that the white girl and the black girl whose head her arm resting upon are actually SISTERS! 

They also neglected to post the photo from the GAP’s ad campaign from last year:


The company apologized Tuesday.

“As a brand with a proud 46 year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we’ve offended,” Gap spokeswoman Debbie Felix said in a statement to Fortune.

The offensive image will be removed, but the campaign will move forward, the company said. Via: Washington Post



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