For anyone who believes they’re more CONSERVATIVE than the average Trump supporter because they’re planning to vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate, former Governor Bill Weld…you may want to re-think your “conservative” position. It turns out, you’re really just voting for another Barack Obama without the race card to fall back on or Hillary without the criminal background… 

Libertarians should be allergic to power grabs by the executive for the obvious reason that they lend themselves to concentrated authority and (usually) bigger government. If you want to slow the state down, a robust, sharply divided Congress that jealously guards its constitutional prerogatives from the president should be your ideal — even in cases where the executive happens to be acting towards an end you deem salutary. In this year of all years, admirers of Obama’s various forms of overreach should be thinking hard about how President Trump might build on his precedents. To a constitutionalist, which most mainstream libertarians claim to be, all of this is second nature.

Is Gary Johnson a constitutionalist?

THRUSH: How about Obama’s executive order, which was decried as being a great constitutional violation by the Republicans, Obama’s executive order on immigration. Did you consider that to be a violation or did you consider that a reasonable use of targeted executive power?

MR. JOHNSON: I saw it as a reasonable use, challenging Congress to action. And an untold story with regard to Obama and immigration is he’s broken up 3 million families. He has deported 3 million heads of households that have gone back to Mexico and their families have remained in the United States.

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If Obama issued an executive order to the IRS demanding that they collect 10 percent more in tax from individuals than the Internal Revenue Code provides, would Johnson deem that legal? What if the order instructed the agency to collect 10 percent less tax? Would his opinion of its legality change? Because it shouldn’t. Bear in mind, Obama’s 2014 “DAPA” amnesty has already been blocked by a preliminary injunction that was upheld on review by the Fifth Circuit so Johnson had plenty of legal cover here to say that he’s troubled by Obama’s procedural approach despite the fact that he happens to agree with the policy ends. Instead he seems to endorse the bizarre legal theory pushed by some leftists that if Congress isn’t moving quickly enough for the president’s taste in enacting a policy he supports, he can go ahead and “challenge” them by enacting it himself and leaving it to Congress to overrule him if they feel strongly to the contrary. How the hell does a libertarian arrive at that model of government? The president does what he wants, and then it falls to the people’s representatives to try to muster a two-thirds majority to override his policy? What? – HotAir

Here is Gary Johnson in 2 minutes:

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Gary Johnson’s running mate, Bill Weld wants all firearms that have five rounds or more banned.

The NYT’s reported on gun-grabber Governor Bill Weld here:

With voters growing increasingly fearful of gunfire on the streets, Gov. William F. Weld of Massachusetts reversed course this week and proposed some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country.
Mr. Weld, a Republican who will run for re-election next year, called for a statewide ban on assault weapons — a proposal he opposed during his 1990 campaign — as well as a waiting period for buying handguns and a prohibition on handgun ownership by anyone under 21. His proposed legislation would also limit the number of handguns an individual could buy and would impose tough penalties for illegal gun sales and gun-related crimes.
“The purpose of this common sense legislation is to remove deadly guns from our streets and to take weapons out of the hands of many teens who themselves are becoming deadly killers,” the Governor said.

Watch Gary Johnson’s running mate former Governor Bill Weld endorsing Barack Obama. The most stunning part of the entire interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is when he calls radical leftist Barack Obama a “Once in a lifetime talent.”

Here’s a fun fact uncovered by Newsweek: Weld has been friends with both Hillary and Bill Clinton for quite some time. According to Newsweek, Weld and Hillary both worked together on the House impeachment committee in 1974 and almost worked for Bill during Bill’s presidency in 1997. Weld has also gone on to say that he does not believe Hillary is in the wrong or should be punished for her emails. Some experts worry that his closeness to the Clintons could be a problem other Libertarians. Weld was also chosen as Bill Clinton’s ambassador to Mexico before he withdrew after being denied a hearing by the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen. Jesse Helms.



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