Have you ever had a friend, co-worker or relative attempt to convince you they identify with the Democrat Party because they are more “tolerant” than Americans who identify as Republicans?

Did those same “tolerant” Democrats ever apologize for or attempt to explain away the violence committed against Trump supporters by Democrats during the 2016 presidential election?

Remember the Christain baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple because it violated his religious beliefs, that marriage is between a man and a woman? The Democrats stood firmly behind the gay couple, excusing the Christian baker’s 1st Amendment Right to defend his religious beliefs, labeling the baker as an “intolerant bigot”.

Yesterday, Brandon Straka, the brave, gay, NYC hairdresser who started the #WalkAway from the intolerant Democrat Party campaign, tweeted about a disturbing incident that took place in a camera store. Straka didn’t mention the name or the location of the camera store (although many of his followers assumed it was an NYC camera store) in his tweet.

Straka tweeted:

Here’s the video where it all started.

Watch Brandon Straka, as he bravely reveals why he is “Walking Away” from the intolerance and hate of the Democrat Party:

In an interview with Big Leauge Politics, Straka revealed the name of the store and clarified exactly what happened during his visit to the Adorama Camera Shop in NYC.

“This is a specialty shop,” Straka said. “They have a section for cameras, a section for lighting, and a section for microphones. I finished with every section except the microphones, and when I went up there, another customer recognized me from Tucker [Carlson Tonight]”

Straka said that the other customer was excited to meet him, pulled up the clip of Straka on the popular cable news show, and asked for a picture. He was excited to meet a fan.

“I was like, ‘cool,’ I made his day,” Straka said.

But then things turned nasty.

The employee in the microphone section who overheard the conversation refused to sell any equipment to Straka because it would be used for “alt-right purposes.” Straka asked that Big League Politics not name the employee.

Straka said that the employee was a fellow gay man and that when he tried to explain what #WalkAway was, the employee was not interested in having a conversation. Straka was directed to another employee at the store who completed the sale. Straka could not help but point out the irony. He is trying to help liberate the political left from closed-mindedness and was bewildered that another gay man, supposedly a tolerant liberal, would not simply hear him out.

After his interview with Big League Politics, Straka asked Americans not to retaliate against the camera shop, tweeting: Favor- PLZ do not retaliate against this camera shop. All of the other employees could not have been nicer. The reason I decided 2go forward w/ the story is because I hope 2open a conversation between me & gays on the left. I’m about EMPOWERING gay people.

Brandon Straka has not only called out the left for their hypocrisy, he’s also setting the record straight on the unjust attacks of Vice President Mike Pence, tweeting: To my fellows in the gay community, the liberal media used our fears and pain to manipulate our feelings about the VP. Pence has never advocated for conversion therapy. But the media was more than happy to make you believe he did. Are you starting to get it?

Brandon Straka got thousands of replies to his tweet about the intolerant camera store employees, offering support for him and for his #WalkAway campaign:





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