Three-star General Michael Flynn, who has served this country admirably for over three decades, has responded after being accused by The Washington Examiner and others in the mainstream press claiming that there is ‘no reason’ a coup could not happen here in the U.S.

Their article misrepresented General Flynn’s response when he was asked, “Why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here?”

The Washington Examiner reported:

“After cheers erupted in the crowd, Flynn replied, ‘No reason. I mean, it should happen here.'” By strategically quoting General Flynn as having given a two-sentence answer, rather than a single sentence with a comma as he paused in thought (i.e., No reason, I mean, it should happen here.) They have completely taken his words out of context to mean the exact opposite of his statement.

Responding to ridiculously doctored snippets and quotes of the thirty-second exchange between him and a questioner who described himself as a “simple marine,” three-star general Michael Flynn issued a scathing statement on social media to blast the ever-lying media and to clarify their imposed misconceptions.

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The liberal MSM, that derided and scrutinized every word uttered by President Trump for five years, and who insists on interpreting the mangled word salads escaping the lips of the current individual residing in the White House, is not hesitant to lie about a decorated General in an attempt to defame his service and loyalty.

Fortunately for the media grifters who make a living engaging in this type of chicanery, the First Amendment, which they seem to scorn, protects them from the defamation laws in countries such as the UK, which lean far more in favor of the plaintiff than the defendant. Only time will tell if they end up killing the goose that lays their fat golden eggs.

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