An alleged Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing had Gen. Mike Flynn as Donald Trump’s running mate in the 2024 presidential election.


Gen. Flynn immediately said the “unauthorized FEC filings” are “fake news.”

“I just saw 2 unauthorized FEC filings referencing my name. They are fake news! I don’t know anything about them, and my office has alerted the FEC,” Flynn stated.

“This is FAKE. General Flynn is not going to be President Trump’s VP. Anyone pushing this is pushing fake news,” Laura Loomer wrote.

On Wednesday, Flynn “unconditionally” endorsed Donald Trump for president.

“This is our last chance to vote for freedom from government control. Will your children live the American dream or be enslaved by a corrupt, wasteful government of woke globalists?” Flynn wrote.

“We need change; and one man has the knowledge, determination, previously demonstrated experience, and more important, the courage to bring it, on Day 1. He runs into the fight – whatever the cost – including the most egregious political persecution in modern history. President Trump simply refuses to watch America destroy itself,” he continued.

“I endorse Donald J. Trump for president 100%. And I trust his judgement. He is, since Ronald Reagan, the greatest leader of our time. May God Almighty protect and bless him, and may God continue to bless America,” he added.


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