“I doubt that clown Milley has any clue regarding the life stories of the people he insults with his racist comments. People that fought for and built this country and didn’t have a privileged or easy life and are now told they had a privileged or easy life simply because they are white is enough to piss anybody off.”

Perusing the internet on this Independence Day morning, I stumbled across a gem of a story posted on Citizen Free Press.

The author, a blogger by the name of Don Surber, takes General Millie to the carpet for his anti-American, virtue-signaling stance against patriotic Americans in general, and white patriots in particular.

General Milley made an ass of himself in a congressional hearing when he went all SJW about understanding White Rage. To educate him, a reader sent him his family history, which I posted. More such stories have followed. They are filled with poverty, perseverance, sacrifice, and hope. I have shared some of their tales, and will share more to make my point about privilege.

Mr. Surber goes on to post several stories he’s received in response; hardships endured by Millie’s hated white Americans and their families. He includes readers’ stories telling of inconceivable poverty and the determination to overcome it, made possible only because they were blessed to be living in America. Surber calls it Red, White, and Blue privilege and he couldn’t have been more accurate.


People, not all of them white, provided Mr. Surber with stories telling of fathers and grandfathers working in unspeakably dangerous jobs to support their families, and how many of them went on to serve for the country that afforded them so much opportunity.

“My dad worked in the mines as a teenager and never graduated from high school. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor he had been 17 for about a week. He joined the Navy that week and was assigned to the USS Chandler DD-206/ DMS-9 in the Pacific. He worked in the engine room as a Boiler Technician/Fireman BTFN.  He said if they were ever sunk he would never have gotten out. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be 17 and out in the middle of the Pacific in a war.”

The article is a must-read and can be read in its entirety here Red White and Blue Privilege
Happy Independence Day America!

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