In a recent report, it was revealed that General Motors gave a grant to an organization that gives kindergarten and elementary school classrooms children’s books that support a pro-transgender and LGBTQ+ ideology.

According to General Motors’ 2021 Social Impact Report, the Detroit-based automaker donated an undisclosed amount to the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN) “Rainbow Library” Program.

The report states that the Rainbow Library “provides supportive curriculum materials and book sets that are LGBTQ+ centered, racially diverse, and multicultural to K-12 schools.”

“This innovative program also provides ongoing support and professional guidance for educators to create inclusive, supportive, and identity-safe classrooms nationwide,” the report added.

In order to create this “support” for the transgender, LGBTQ+ community, GLSEN offers lesson plans, “educator guides,” and professional development training for educators. The organization also recommends that educators “build an altar” to deceased transgender people for their made-up holiday, “transgender day of remembrance.”

The titles included in their ‘Rainbow Library’ program include highly inappropriate and sexually explicit books such as “Gender Queer” by Maia Kabobe, which contains imagery of sexual activities and explicit descriptions.

Another book that is promoted by GLSEN is “Sex is a Funny Word.” It is by Corey Silverberg, who is the co-founder of a “beginner’s sex shop” which sells his “children’s book.”

Megan Brock, a parent’s rights advocate, accused GLSEN of using their ‘Rainbow Library’ to “covertly groom children and influence educational policy.” Brock posted a video on her Twitter of educators discussing the importance of promoting transgender ideology and literature to children.

The organization is also known for its extensive efforts to lobby school districts to allow boys who have undergone sex changes to play on girls’ sports teams and use women’s restrooms.

This is not the only time that GM has helped to fund GLSEN. Chevrolet, which is owned by GM, announced a partnership with the pro-transgender organization in July for ‘Authentic Voices of Pride.’

The purpose of this partnership was to “shine a light on vital LGBTQ+ issues through intimate conversations, in-depth profiles, and firsthand stories.”

As part of the partnership, Chevrolet promises to double all donations to this initiative up to $25,000.

Chevrolet’s Vice President of Marketing, Steve Majoros, commented on his company’s promotion of GLSEN, saying, “With this latest LGBTQ+ focused partnership, we are building on that history and reinforcing Chevy’s commitment to driving substantive cultural progress.”

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