David Harris Jr. gives excellent commentary in the video below on the newly released bodycam video of the arrest of George Floyd. The leaked video release is being investigated by a Minnesota court. The video shows Floyd begging police officers not to put him in the patrol car because he says he’s claustrophobic. The court did not want the video released to the public for fear it would taint the jury pool.

In the video below, Harris asks the question: “Why didn’t he just comply?”

George Floyd appears to be having a panic attack or some type of psychotic episode during the arrest, where he wouldn’t comply with directions from the police officers. This is not to excuse the knee on the neck part of the arrest, but it finally shows what happened leading up to that point.

Harris says he feels duped after watching the 8 1/2 minute video:


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Even Floyd’s friend is pleading with him to stop resisting.

“Just get in the car.”

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