Georgetown University has a 16.4% acceptance rate. That number just got smaller with their latest announcement to use the admissions office as a way to “atone” for their “racist” actions in 1838.  The same “Catholic” university that invited Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards to speak to their students in March, 2016, is now offering preferential treatment (reparations) for students related to slaves they sold almost 200 years ago.

Social justice warriors have replaced religion in the majority of our Catholic universities and colleges. Our government is using political correctness to strip away the faith of the citizens and replace it with government dependency. They are determining what our values should be, as defined by government officials, like those of our radical President, Barack Obama and his radical predecessor Hillary Clinton…

Georgetown University will give preference in admissions to the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits as part of its effort to atone for profiting from the sale of enslaved people.


Georgetown president John DeGioia told news outlets that the university in Washington will implement the admissions preferences. He says Georgetown will need to identify and reach out to descendants of slaves and recruit them to the university.

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On Thursday morning, a university committee released a report that also called on its leaders to offer a formal apology for the university’s participation in the slave trade.

In 1838, two priests who served as president of the university orchestrated the sale of 272 people to pay off debts at the school. The slaves were sent from Maryland to plantations in Louisiana.

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