THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR OF GEORGIA was just caught on video describing the “blue wave” to include many groups including the “undocumented” We understand the blue wave to mean a win at the ballot box for Democrats. Is this candidate advocating for “undocumented” people to vote?

“The thing of it is…” Who says that? Listen to this woman and please tell us you will not be voting for her in November! Yikes!

It’s shocking that the race for governor in Georgia is a dead heat. You have a far left woman who would be a disaster for the state running against a man who would do a great job – What’s the problem? Identity politics is the problem.

It’s identity politics on steroids. Listen to the pandering from CNN on Abrams:

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She confirms that she’s anti-gun and is proud of her D and F ratings from the NRA. She also clarifies her desire to ignore the fact that illegal aliens have broken the law. Listen closely…

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This woman is a one-hit-wonder with a message like a broken record to lift up all Georgians and make everyone feel included…That’s it! Where’s the beef? Where’s the policy? Do Georgians really know this woman’s platform?



Those two things alone are deal-killers for most conservatives.

So why is the race in a dead heat? The blame goes to the media narrative that’s very positive on Abrams but slams Republican Kemp at every turn. One great example is that Kemp called out Abrams on owing $200K in debt and $50 K to the IRS. The New York Times wrote a hit piece on Kemp calling it “debt shaming’ to ask about Abram’s debt.

Kemp was ripped apart by the media for his stance on illegal immigration while Abrams is portrayed as a welcoming and uplifting candidate. If you listen to her message, she’s going out of her way to be uber inclusive to the illegal alien community. Makes you wonder about the voting, doesn’t it?

Georgia Republicans need to wake up!

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