Stacy Abrams receives income from serving on the board of a radical left anti-police foundation

Despite alleged attempts to distance herself from the “defund the police” movement, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams has received income from serving on the board of a radical left anti-cop and anti-prison foundation.

Abrams is listed as a board member for a Seattle based UPS family foundation, the Marguerite Casey Foundation, which distributes grants and funds to university professors and scholars who preach the radical left words of critical race theory, anti-capitalism, abolition of prisons, and defunding of police.

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, from Fox

Abrams has made at least $52,500 in income by serving as a member of this board.

The $1.5 million dollar annual awards from the foundation go to radical left professors who work on “leading research in critical fields including abolitionist, Black, feminist, queer, radical, and anti-colonialist studies.”

In other words, the type of identity-obsessed professors who spew hatred and vitriol to students about how evil America and white people are.

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One recipient, Robin D.G. Kelly, stated that “The secret to capitalism’s survival is racism.”

Professor Kelly said his goal growing up was to be a “communist for life” and that “we don’t have a communist country anywhere in the world. We’ve never actually had one. It has never happened,” conveniently calling the USSR and China capitalist societies as if he even knows what the words he says mean.

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Other professors awarded are generally more activists than they are academics, with one pushing for ethnic studies and critical race theory to be taught form elementary school on upward.

What this foundation and all of its recipients have in common is that they are radicals–anti-police, anti-capitalist, and racially obsessive.

And Stacy Abrams is a part of this. No matter how she tries to rebrand herself, she holds the same beliefs as the people awarded. She is part of the radical-left.

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