Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and President Donald Trump have had a tense relationship since the 2020 Presidential election.

The rivalry kicked off after Kemp refused to entertain claims that the 2020 election was marred by fraud, some which allegedly happened in his state.

Kemp’s refusal to look in to potential fraud that may have swayed the outcome of the 2020 election led to Trump endorsing his primary challenger during his re-election bid, former Senator David Perdue (R-Ga.).

Perdue mounted a formidable challenge to Kemp but ultimately lost in the primary, leading to another term for the Governor and a frayed relationship between him and President Trump.

On Tuesday, Kemp seemed to indicate that he would not support President Trump in his 2024 bid for a second term.

He also criticized Trump for meeting with Kanye West and alt-right talking head Nick Fuentes.

Breitbart Reports

Co-host Kaitlan Collins said, “Let me get your reaction to something former President Trump has been under fire for, which is having dinner with Nick Fuentes, an outspoken white supremacist and antisemite?”

Kemp said, “I just put a statement out there. I’ll let that statement speak for itself. I mean, that was a bad decision. There’s no place for that in the Republican Party. And I know he’s got, you know, his answer to that question. I’ll let him speak to that, but my views on that are very clear.”

Collins said, “But you did see the former president announce he will be running in 2024. Would you support him for that?”

Kemp said, “I did see that.”

Collins said, “Would you support him in that run?”

Kemp said, “I haven’t seen who else is going to run. So I’m going to keep focused on getting Herschel elected to the United States Senate. We do not need to get distracted from that.”

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