Geraldo is claiming that the police officers in the Rayshard Brooks case could have just gotten him an Uber ride home. He tweeted out that a cab or Uber should have been the answer and that Black men face “special challenges” dealing with cops:

No way Wendy’s encounter should’ve ended w/ Rayshard Brooks dead. I advocate for cops, but you can’t overlook unnecessary escalation of epic 43-minute encounter that in a bygone era could’ve ended with a drunk taking cab or Uber home. Black men face special challenges dealing w/ cops.

The obvious reply to this is those police officers couldn’t just let someone go who has tested legally drunk on the breathalyzer. A twitter comment hits straight to the heart of why this situation happened:

-“This comment is crap, and you know it. Research Geraldo! Look at the facts and listen to those who know. Resisting arrest, non-compliance, assaulting an officer…it all leads to what happened. Don’t trivialize the situation by simplifying it.”

The comments back to Geraldo on social media are blistering.

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Some people are asking where Mothers Against Drunk Driving is on this topic:

-“The day a cop sends me home in an Uber for drunk driving is the day we become an unlawful country. Where is #MADD on this comment?!?!?! Geraldo, you know better.”

Essential Fleccas wrote: “Is that a thing”? with a video of Barney from Mayberry:

Dan Bongino calls Geraldo out in a great video where he makes two big points against Geraldo’s take on the case:

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