Why are we subsidizing the ridiculous new radical “programs” at our public universities? The University of Michigan spent $85 million on a diversity program and is now launching a “Cultural Appropriations” prevention position. What’s even more disturbing is that it’s ignored by pretty much everyone who is a conservative that attended this college or is currently attending. I see no outrage where there should be plenty of it. The sleepy suburbs full of hard working University of Michigan alumni just keep quiet while their beloved alma mater becomes even more like Germany 1933.

A very interesting letter from Professor Baumann to U of M’s President connected the “Cultural Appropriations” prevention program to Nazi Germany in this way:

Dear President Schlissel:

I see that you are planning to hire someone whose job it will be to prevent “cultural appropriation.” It occurred to me when I read that, that the last official I know of whose job was to prevent cultural appropriation was Hans Hinkel. So who was he? When the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, as you may know, every Jew in any cultural position was fired. My father was a young assistant director at the Berlin City Opera and he and his boss, Dr. Kurt Singer, also a Jew, lost their jobs. My father had the idea of telling the Nazis, “Okay, you say we’re a different culture; well then, you logically need to allow us to have our own cultural institutions.” Out of that came the Jewish Cultural League, which was headed by Dr. Singer, and was able to carry on Jewish cultural life with Jewish artists for Jewish audiences until after the beginning of the war. My father directed operas but was also the “inner censor.” The man he worked with to make sure that the Nazis were okay with what was being performed, and didn’t think the Jews were appropriating Aryan culture, was a special commissioner for “cultural particulars” named Hans Hinkel. Now I gather you are taking up the same line of work. From Hinkel to Schlissel, or so it appears. Read more: The Weekly Standard


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•The University of Michigan is looking to hire a new “Bias Incident Prevention and Response Coordinator” to clamp down on “students of concern” and “enact cultural appropriation prevention initiatives.”

•The full-time job, which pays between $46,000 and $57,000, oversees handling of “bias incidents” reported on campus, as well as various “social justice initiatives.”

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•The role also has crisis-management components, such as providing “a safe listening space in which to offer compassion, support, and guidance to students” after especially severe “bias incidents.”

The Diversity Program dumped $85 million into this JUNK:

The University of Michigan’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan—a collective vision for change created through a campus wide, grassroots process. With its implementation, we continue to build on our heritage of diversity, equity and inclusion, with the understanding that we can make our greatest contribution to knowledge by building an environment in which all our community members can flourish.

ONE SNOWFLAKE HAD THIS TO SAY: “There are a lot of students here who don’t feel safe, who don’t feel like they are valued.”

How is it that every single person doesn’t have a voice? When these people get out into the real world will they be able to cope?

The DIVERSITY PLAN covers a broad spectrum of goals, including *increasing the number of minorities on campus.


“We recognize that talent is equally distributed (across races), but opportunity is not. We need to find enough opportunity>” – ROBERT SELLERS  – BLACK RADICAL WHO MADE HIS WAY TO BEING DIVERSITY GURU

This is HOGWASH!




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