Colleges and universities have been using subtle (and some not so subtle) techniques to threaten conservative students in the classroom for decades. What’s different about these institutions of “higher learning” today is that these liberal professors are becoming increasingly hostile in the classroom. Conservative students who dare to voice an opposing view in the classroom are openly shamed and if a student dares to express a conservative viewpoint or use a source of information on paper that has not been sanctioned by the professor, they can expect a lower or in some cases, a failing grade. Teachers are openly rewarding students who hold liberal views by allowing them to skip assignments and even tests if they attend anti-Trump protests.
On the first day in the classroom as a freshman, my daughter’s professor in a “Christian-based” liberal arts college in MN asked the students how many of them were pro-life? After sheepishly raising their hands, their liberal film professor informed them that they were going to be mocked throughout the remainder of their time with him. He stayed true to his word. God was constantly mocked in his classroom, as was anyone who believed in the sanctity of life. Needless to say, instead of a rich educational experience (which is what we thought we were paying for), it turned out to be an entire semester of torture for my daughter.

United States universities are obsessed with hiring politically correct professors through mandatory “diversity statements,” according to an explosive report released in March by the Oregon Association of Scholars (OAS) and reported by The College Fix.

Coming from one of the nation’s most liberal states, the scholars can argue that they know first-hand what they are writing about.

Their report focuses on how universities and colleges use “diversity statements” and their insistence that professors agree with them, as the means by which post-secondary institutions “weed out non left-wing scholars” and hire liberals.

These diversity statements are integral to liberal ideology the OAS argues, arguing that it is the doctrine of group victimization and their subsequent claims for group-based entitlements that mark diversity statements as “partisan litmus tests” to ensure ideological purity of faculty.

The association notes that it is now routine for universities to provide a diversity statement template that is like a checklist for progressive causes. These templates insist that professors will wholeheartedly agree to “keep the white students from dominating all classroom discussions,” and “reflect a commitment to queer visibility,” while advising students against the temptation to “thoughtlessly reproduce the standard white and Western model of legitimate knowledge.”

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More than 20 colleges enforce a requirement that faculty demonstrate their commitment to the ideals of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” the OAS found. However, they say this is only the tip of the political correctness iceberg as many post-secondary institutions do not directly enforce the diversity requirement but administer it through coercion and that many institutions demand adherence to diversity statements for entrance to Ph.D. programs or when applying for a university job.

The University of Oregon used a diversity statement scheme like this when it ordered that a faculty member’s teaching must “reflect the diversity of the field, including the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of its scholars and practitioners.”  The university also demands that professors exercise good faith in “incorporating issues of equity, implicit bias, and cultural understanding in new faculty searches.” For entire story –Daily Caller

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