We all know Mike Lindell has been working tirelessly to ensure fair elections.

For his efforts, he’s been canceled by lots of retailers.

So, Mike Lindell changed his strategy.

Instead of selling his products through woke corporations, he partnered with freedom-loving sites like 100 Percent Fed Up! — and decided to pass the savings right to you!

When you go to MyPillow.com, you can get huge discounts by using promo code FEDUP (plus 100 Percent Fed Up! benefits when you use that code).

To get you ready for summer, MyPillow is having a massive sale on beach blankets, towels and more:

Mike’s beach blankets and towels have been a huge hit:

— “I absolutely love my beach towels!! They are large, thick, soft, and absorbent. I use them at the pool and the Y. When I fly to the beach and don’t pack them, I can really tell the difference.”

— “I bought a beach towel plus regular towels a while ago. Rich colors and good absorption. I’m looking for more beach towels for this summer from MyPillow.”

— “They are, by far, the best! Super absorbing, quick-drying, bright colors, & soft comfortable fabric. The colors & fabric hold up beautifully through repeated washing – last years look as good as new and side by side with the brand new set, you can’t tell the difference. Another home run! Thanks, Mike!”

Click here and use promo code FEDUP to get the discount!

Plus, MyPillow’s six-piece towel sets are now an amazingly low $25!

People are raving about Mike’s towels:

— “These towels are FANTASTIC! What a pleasure to get out of the shower and finally be able to dry myself off! I love them!”

— “A must have towel. They are absolutely the best towels we’ve ever purchased. Highly recommend them.”

— “Amazingly soft and absorbent. Love them!”

Click here to get the 6-piece towel set for only $25 — remember to use promo code FEDUP to get that price!

There are even more great deals at the FEDUP discounts page.

Here are some of them:

Click here to see all the deals – use promo code FEDUP to get your discounts!

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