Nothing like a temporary tattoo to thwart a rapist…yes, that’s what the Germans think will help stop the sexual assaults at swimming pools. The sexual assaults have skyrocketed with some pools even segregating men from women/girls:

The Sun reported last March:

In Hamburg, Serbian migrants allegedly gang-raped a girl of 14 before throwing her semi-naked into the street where she nearly froze to death. Meanwhile, in Kiel, up to 30 Afghan men are said to have chased terrified teenage girls through a shopping mall after filming them on their phones. The men reportedly clashed with police when confronted, “insulting, threatening and sometimes injuring” the officers. The incidents come as a swimming pool in the town of Norderstedt took the
radical step of segregating men and women after reports of young girls being molested by asylum seekers.

Refugees don’t understand that they’re not supposed to do this…a non-believer or kafir is fair game to them because she’s not wearing the Muslim head covering. The tattoo only puts a target on these young girls! 

A temporary tattoo with a small press-on design that says “NO” is part of a new prevention campaign launched in the Bodensee district in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

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Veronika Wascher-Goggerle, the Women’s and Family representative of the district, is behind the launch and said the press-on tattoos would also help raise awareness over the growing issue of sex attacks in swimming pools.

The Bodenseekreis is famous for its bathing and boasts numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

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Alleged sex attacks by migrants have caused heated debate in the area over the last few months and some pools are hiring extra security – or even banning asylum seekers altogether.

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