The assault of young women by Muslim invaders has hit a small Italian town. A young woman tells of what happened at a carnival in town. At least the local guards are doing something about these animals. We most recently reported that the German authorities are releasing the offenders with no punishment to keep the records of a spike in crime down. Please watch the video below that tells of what happens when the invaders are protected and not punished. These animals are treated better than Germany’s own people.

The article below was translated from Italian news:

In the course of the Telequattro program “Ring”, hosted as always by Ferdinando Avarino, broadcast on Thursday 18 February, a 19-year-old described how she and her friends had been molested during the nights of the Carnival in Muggia (mainly in the building). Testimony that reinforces the indications from our readers and viewers about the presence of numerous refugees whose behaviour – to make a strong comparison in due proportion – recalled that of “New Year’s Eve in Cologne”.
“I’ve never seen anything like it,” explains spiega Eleonora Righi, appalled at the many refugees (near the centre) in Muggia. “There were always three or four ready to approach you; they insisted they wanted to dance, but in reality it was about rubbing themselves against us; the only thing I and my friends could do was move away, go in or leave somewhere, because it wasn’t enough to tell them no two, three or four times. Many times in succession they touched me and my friends’ breasts and bottoms.”
“They all had drinks in their hands. They didn’t speak Italian and their skin colour wasn’t either. Some took photos and videos,” continues Eleonora. “It wasn’t boys who defended us, but the guards, but they only checked the documents.”

Here’s a video that shows what’s going on with assaults and crimes in Berlin that ARE NOT reported on fueling the criminals to do more and more:

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