Hollywood has been all in a tizzy ever since rapper Kanye West has come out as a fan of President Donald Trump, a big no-no if you want to keep your career afloat in the entertainment industry.

While conservatives have been thoroughly enjoying the freak show as liberals lose their minds over one of their icons giving props and praise to a person they essentially liken to the antichrist, the Hollywood hypocrites have been coming out of the woodwork to give West a piece of their mind.

How are they voicing their “protest?” By giving the ultimate chastisement akin to a digital spanking: Unfollowing him on social media.

Major burn.

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck weighed in on the actions of the “Hollywood elites,” completely obliterating them on Twitter in the best way.

via Twitchy:

Bummer to lose Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, their timelines are both filled with so much wisdom.


Oh, our sides.

That was painful.

Anyway, Glenn Beck had a few choice words for these big babies who can’t accept people who thinks differently from them:


And as always, there were a few folks on the Internet who simply didn’t get the point Beck was making:

Beck nailed this and these thick skulled progressives are just doing their best to ignore their own hypocrisy because that is far easier than admitting they’re lifestyle and their professed belief system aren’t lining up so well.

At the end of the day, a person’s politics doesn’t have to define them as a person. We’re all individuals who were created with meaning, purpose, and value. Unfollowing someone strictly because you disagree with their politics really only hurts you in the long run.

Granted, some folks can be downright annoying on social media so preserving your sanity with an unfollow might at some point be the correct course of action.

However, the left are always ready and eager to toss someone who doesn’t tow the line under the proverbial bus, and that’s a real shame.

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