It was a horrible moment for an American Sikh who learned the hard and painful way about how some people on the intolerant people really act. The man, 50-year-old Surjit Malhi of the Stanislaus County, was placing GOP signs outside when a typical night promoting his local Republicans turned into a violent beating that showed him just how far the leftists are willing to go – even at the expense of being found guilty of hate crimes.

He had just finished putting up one more campaign sign when he was about to return to his truck. That’s where two suspects were waiting for him. Malhi reported that the men threw sand in his eyes, then beat him on his upper body, mostly head, neck, and shoulder areas.

Malhi stated that he cleared his eyes from the vengeful sand and could see blue eyes under the black hoodies that the men were wearing. Not only was he beaten, but the men told him to go back to his own country and spray painted hateful symbols on his truck. Two guys ganged up on a 50-year-old American and told him to go back to his country, which was ironically the country he was already in because he’s an American.

The news video for all to see is right here.

CBS Local Sacramento reports:

“And as the beating continued his attackers shouted, “Go back to your country!”

The same message, along with hate symbols, were spray painted on his truck. Malhi, the entire time, fearing for his life.

“It’s very scary you know. They were going to shoot me,” Malhi said thought.

Ironically, Malhi says, it was his turban that softened the blows – the very symbol that may have sparked the hate.

“My turban saved me,” Malhi said.

Malhi has been active in the Turlock community for years, raising thousands for homeless and fire victims, using trucks from his trucking company to deliver supplies. He’s a strong supporter of the Republican Party. The campaign signs he placed that night were for Congressman Jeff Denham and other members of the Stanislaus County GOP.

“I’m American 100 percent, no doubt, so they say, go back to my country? This is my country,” Malhi said. “If you are a real American and you love America, you should not do that. That is not the American way.”

How funny is that? Two leftists attack and beat a man for promoting GOP signs, then racially tell him to go back to his own country, vandalize his truck, then leave him there like he was nothing. Then they find out the man was actually an American. Not only that, but it took two of them to gang up on one 50-year-old American man who proudly supports his GOP candidates and does what you’re supposed to do when you support your team. Malhi wasn’t out attacking people or forcing others to share his beliefs about the GOP party, but he was out promoting them in a peaceful way that’s acceptable. Attacking someone for supporting the GOP is unacceptable. Add a few hate crimes to the beating and now you’ve got two suspects on the loose who police are still looking for.

Malhi reported that he won’t let this get him down and he’s “received an outpouring of support from political leaders and members of the community during his recovery.”

That’s because supporting your fellow Americans is the American way. You can’t beat beliefs into someone, nor tell them to go back to their country if this IS their country.

Are leftists that triggered that they’re now beating people and telling them to go back to their country? That doesn’t sound very tolerant, does it?


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