Kamala Harris’s first foreign trip to Guatemala as “vice president” delivered a nice cold slap to her face, as she was welcomed by angry protesters touting signs telling her to “go home”“Mind your own business” and OUR FAVORITE: “TRUMP WON.”

Ms. Harris made the trip in an effort to stem the flow of Guatemalan nationals entering the U.S. illegally through our southern border. Upon her arrival to the Northern Triangle country, she was greeted with the harsh reality in the video below:

Kamala’s message to would-be illegal border crossers, “you will be turned back”. A far cry from what her boss, Joe Biden was promising during the Democrat primary debates.

Watch at the 0:26 minute mark:

Joe Biden was singing a different tune during the Democratic presidential debates, saying, “we immediately surge to the border, all those people are [sic] seeking asylum” and “you’re fleeing oppression, you should come”.

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Watch at the 1:35 minute mark:

As one might expect, Kamala is not being challenged for her rhetoric against illegal border crossers. If she were a Republican and had dared utter such “racist” remarks, the mainstream media’s knives would’ve come out. But she’s a democrat, so cue the crickets.

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