The backlash from angry fans has only gotten bigger with the refusal of teams like the Packers asking the fans to join in on the protest. How deaf can they be to the sound of angry fans who want teams to stand with hand over heart for our flag and national anthem.

The left is busy conflating the NFL protest with their rage over the election of Trump…They’ve turned Trump’s comments into a “dog whistle” of racism…Remember when Trump called the players “son’s of b*tches”? Well, that’s now been interpreted by the eternal victims in the black community as a “dog whistle” of racism. The problem is that anyone with half a brain knows there are white players too but it’s just an inconvenient truth to the left. This is where they’ve wanted the argument to go because it benefits the left to make Trump out to be a racist.

Of course, anyone with a speck of common sense knows President Trump wants ALL Americans to come together to stand for the anthem…period! Nothing to it but that…Zero racism!

The video below is a great example of how the black activists and left are in a rage. Not over the deaths of black youth in the inner city or the horrible state of education in the black community. Nope, they’re furious that Trump won and their Trump derangement syndrome is in overdrive…Spike Lee reveals the rage and the disconnect to common sense in the video below:

“The narrative is not true” –  Delusional Spike Lee

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Did ya catch on to that? He brings it all back around to President Trump. He’s one angry black man who wallows in victimhood even though he’s had the benefit of a blessed life in America.

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