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Goldman Sachs Chairman and UN Special Representative for Migration Peter Sutherland said yesterday that Britain should take in more migrants in order to avoid creating an environment of “xenophobia and racism”.

Shocking footage filmed in the French port town of Calais shows desperate migrants attempting to break into delivery trucks heading to the United Kingdom in another illustration of how the country’s generous welfare system acts as a beacon for illegal aliens.

The clip shows huge gangs of migrants roaming around on a highway attempting to attack vehicles.

Police or immigration authorities are nowhere to be seen as migrants rip open the back door of a truck before attempting to pull down its contents to make their way inside, while others try to pull off an underside panel.


A tour guide on the bus from where the footage is being filmed tells passengers, “Don’t panic guys, we have locked all of the doors. Try not to panic guys.”

Passengers are heard gasping in shock, with one commenting, “This is what we’ve seen on TV.”

The migrants are keen to reach the UK because they can exploit the country’s generous welfare system and obtain a much higher standard of living than in France, where they are forced to reside in a makeshift tent village in Calais known as “the jungle”.

Around 2,500 migrants live in the tent village, with most of them coming from Sudan, Eritrea, Libya and Syria.

The situation is so dire that a leading haulage group warned earlier this month that freight carriers could suspend supplies going through Calais altogether, causing food shortages and massive price hikes.

Donald Armour, International Affairs Manager at the Freight Transport Association, told the Daily Express that the UK supply chain is “in danger of collapsing” as a result of drivers refusing to go through Calais.

Last month, Maru International haulage company announced that they were boycotting Calais over fears that “somebody will be killed” by migrants attempting to enter the UK.

Via: Info Wars


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