Representative Ilhan Omar’s take on the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is even worse than her comrade AOC’s

Friday, the Supreme Court came to the decision to overturn Roe v Wade. The 1973 landmark decision that had misinterpreted the Constitution as providing a right to abortion is finally overturned.

Many Democrats, including AOC and Nancy Pelosi, have been lamenting this decision. So has “Squad” member Ilhan Omar.

An angry Representative Omar

Let’s have a look at what Representative Omar has to say about Roe v Wade’s overturn, as it is certainly one of the worst takes of the century.

Ilhan Omar takes the “right side of history” fallacy to a new level as she compares the reversal of Roe to Dred Scott and Plessy. She also, seemingly confused about what nation she immigrated to, states that the Supreme Court is an institution that legitimized concentration camps. The United States is neither Nazi Germany, China, nor Russia–all countries without a free and independent Supreme Court.

Additionally, Omar says that the Court legitimized eugenics, which she lumps into the “bad” category. This is despite the closest thing to legitimizing eugenics the Court has ever seen being the 1973 ruling of Roe which granted a constitutional right to abortion.

Abortion is eugenics.

The origin of abortion in the United States and many other nations was not as a way of “empowering women” but as a way of clearing off “undesirables”  such as the poor, marginalized, disabled, and ethnic minorities. It is eugenics, quite simple.

Finally, Omar must also understand that not only the SCOTUS upheld slavery in a time long past, but so did the executive and legislature, especially Democrats (same group who control both today.) Therefore, to condemn the Supreme Court over old qualms with slavery one must also condemn the Democrat-led institutions of the legislature and the executive today, which she is conveniently silent on.

The rest of her point is just sheer nonsense.

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