The headline for Good Morning America’s story reads, “A Tiny Town in Slovenia Celebrates America’s Next First Lady, Melania Trump”. It looks innocent enough on the surface, but once one ventures below the headline and watches the video that accompanies the story, that’s when hit piece on Melania Trump begins.


The headline makes the reader think they’re going to see a positive story about our next First Lady, but click on the video below the headline and you’ll see something entirely to the contrary. It’s really too bad that GMA traveled all the way to Slovenia, and couldn’t find a single person who thought it was great to see a hometown girl as America’s next First Lady. 

The GMA reporter shows several “random” people on the streets of Sevnica, Slovenia a picture of Donald and Melania Trump and asks, “Do you know who this is?”

Here are their responses:

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“I have no idea.”

“Oh yeah. That’s Donald Trump’s wife that is from Slovenia. I don’t particularly like Donald Trump, because she’s also ashamed from being from Slovenia.”

“Oh it looks like to be the new American President, so that would be his quasi-English speaking wife.”

“I don’t like this Trump…”

“Melania, she’s there because she was searching for really better life. So that’s why she found a husband.”

“We are small nation, so everyone who succeeded in the world is a story of success.”

“She’s a bad ad for Slovenia. She talks like, I don’t know, like she doesn’t like us anymore. I don’t know, she’s more for Hollywood than for the White House.”

Gee, if the people in her own hometown don’t like her or better yet, don’t much care for her and hate her husband, why should we stupid Americans like her? 
The story does go on to tell you Melania’s childhood friend is happy to know that she’ll be the next First Lady and the Mayor is also pleased. 
How very progressive of GMA to ignore the accomplishments of Melania Trump in their article, and to come all the way over to Slovenia just to prove Melania got lucky…or did she?  GMA Yahoo


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