“Democrats can’t protect us across the world, Democrats can’t protect our street, and Democrats can’t protect us at the border.” – Joe Scarborough

Here’s an abbreviated list of where we are as a country under Democrat “leadership”:

Our economy – decimated, our energy independence removed, our southern border over-run, our country flooded with unvetted – covid infected illegals, our cities destroyed by rioters, our police vilified and defunded, our bodily autonomy denied as masks and vaccine mandates are implemented, our election stolen, our patriots jailed for contesting the steal, our voices silenced on the subject of election fraud – silenced on vaccine dangers – silenced on alternative covid treatments, our right-to-try alternate medicines refused, our citizens and allies abandoned – left stranded in Taliban territory, our country and military humiliated.

Gee, it didn’t take much to pry sycophant Joe Scarborough’s tongue off of Joe Biden’s boot.

Listen as Scarborough has an epiphany of the horrendous reality we face at the hands of America-hating Democrats:

While Scarborough does seem to acknowledge that Democrats are dangerous for the country, his main worry doesn’t appear to be for the health and well-being of America, but rather concern that Dems will lose in the midterms.

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