Wow! A Republican candidate for Senate in Virginia just said what most everyone on the right would like to say to Al Sharpton. During an interview with Sharpton, Corey Stewart got a little hot under the collar and started ripping on Sharpton:

“You’ve made a career out of dividing people by race, you’ve been a race hustler your entire career. You’ve made a lot of money at it, you haven’t even bothered to pay your taxes at it, and all you do is divide Americans by race. And frankly people are tired of it.”

Sharpton wants Stewart to back track on saying we shouldn’t remove Confederate statues but Stewart wasn’t having it. Stewart made some great points for keeping the statues up. Basically, Sharpton tries the entire interview to make Stewart out to be a racist.

Note the Dixie flag placed on the screen at the bottom with the words “COREY STEWART AND THE FAR RIGHT”

Sharpton wants to argue with Stewart because he disagrees on whether we should omit Civil War statues from public places.




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