Trump-backed Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert is facing an incredibly tight midterm reelection race that proves every vote counts.

Boebert is currently behind her Democrat opponent Adam Frish by only 64 votes, with 98% of the votes already counted.

Colorado law requires that, for any race with a gap of 0.5% or less, there must be a recount.

The outspoken pro-gun, pro-freedom, and pro-life Representative has made a name for herself within the GOP, and the Democrats have been going after her with everything they have.

Rep. Lauren Boebert

As the race tightens, the “loving” and “pro-female” hypocritical Left has resorted to mocking her for being an attractive female, of all things.


MSNBC host Joy Reid could not contain her cackles Wednesday night after her guest, DCCC and DNC adviser Kurt Bardella, made a misogynistic and offensive comment about Boebert.

Reid kicked off the conversation by mockingly asking what Boebert would do as a career if she were to lose this election, suggesting the U.S. Rep wouldn’t be qualified to hold a job.

My guess is it might be a gain for OnlyFans,” former Republican Bardella said, suggesting that Boebert would go straight to online pornography to make a living if she wasn’t reelected.

Reid burst out laughing, while MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill’s jaw dropped at the comment.

“I don’t know what she would do in this scenario,” continued Bardella, “but symbolically, to take out one of the poster childs of the MAGA movement, someone who has been an absolute disgrace to the office that she holds, would be a great feather in the cap and would, I think, cement the fact that this has been an absolute unmitigated disaster for the MAGA wing of the Republican Party.”

Social media immediately slammed Bardella for his misogynistic comments, and for mocking her just because she’s an attractive woman.

CJ Pearson, the president of the Free Thinker Project, asked, “So misogyny is ok, so long as it’s directed towards conservative women?”

Radio host Larry O’Connor also had something to say, asking if the women at NBC News are cool with guests objectifying women on their platform. He tweeted,

“This is @JoyAnnReid’s reaction when her guest suggests @laurenboebert start a porn career should she lose reelection. Hey @NBCNews, do you actually watch this stuff, or nah? Wonder if female employees at @NBCNews are cool with @kurtbardella’s sexual objectification habits…”

Boebert even shot back at Bardella for his comment, saying,

“Liberals even suck at feminism.

Can ya’ll do anything right?”

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