While the Democrats steal seats from Republicans, the Republican party sits on its hands. They are more afraid of being accused of “suppressing” the vote than getting to the bottom of the election fraud going on in Florida. Florida’s AG Commissioner Candidate Matt Caldwell is fighting back against the sudden reversal of his win in the midterms.

Florida GOP Candidate Matt Caldwell :

“We were up by 40,000 votes on Tuesday night. Based on what was reported there was only possibly 30,000 votes that could possibly still come in from Broward. So we declared victory, went to bed and over the next four days they found 80,000 ballots as you said.”

The Republican party never fights the election shenanigans by Democrats. Will they support Caldwell who has a lawsuit against Broward County Department of Elections.

Caldwell explained the lawsuit to WLRN:

The first step is just to get basic answers. Any supervisor in the state is able to tell you what kind of votes they had cast — whether it is vote by-mail, early votes or Election Day votes — and when those were tagged into the system in order to prove … that they were cast before 7:00 on Tuesday night. And the Broward supervisor has been unable to answer that question. On Wednesday we asked, Thursday we asked, and Friday we asked … so we ultimately filed a lawsuit just to produce all the records to see what that situation is.

The early voting count numbers have not been given so this opens the door for accusations of fraud. Why can’t  Snipes give a count for early voting? W can only imagine…


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