Facebook banned a campaign ad for US Congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene.  The ad promoting Greene for the GOP primary election featured Greene holding a semi-automatic rifle while standing in front of her home, warning Antifa terrorists to “stay the hell out of northwest Georgia!” The ad was not removed from Twitter or YouTube.

In her ad that was banned by Facebook, the badass GOP candidate is wearing a campaign t-shirt and blue jeans, while holding a semi-automatic rifle, as she delivers a message to the domestic terrorist organization, Antifa. “I have a message for Antifa terrorists—‘Stay the hell out of northwest Georgia!” Greene told the radical anarchist group. “You won’t burn our churches, loot our businesses, or destroy our homes!” she warned, adding, “I’m Marjorie Greene, and I approve this message.”


Greene appeared on Fox & Friends why she chose to run her campaign ad warning Antifa, explaining why Facebook removed her campaign ad. Fox & Friends host Rob Schmitt told viewers that Facebook responded to the removal of  Marjorie’s campaign ad by claiming: “We removed this ad which advocates the use of deadly weapons against a clearly defined group of people, for violating our policies against inciting violence.” Schmitt told the GOP candidate that last night, he went to the Facebook page for Antifa International, and found a two-minute video where they brag about how they use “physical violence to fight whatever they consider to be fascism.” Schmitt said the video is still up on their Facebook page, asking Greene how she feels about Facebook’s double standard? “Facebook and Twitter are both the same,” Greene said, claiming they’re both run by leftists and have declared themselves the “thought police,” adding that her top priority as a US Congresswoman will be to address big tech censorship.

Watch the interview here:

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According to CBS46– Businesswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and neurosurgeon John Cowan, both Republicans, will move ahead to a runoff in northwest Georgia’s 14th District from a nine-person field. Cowan was one of the field’s top money-raisers. He pushed his healthcare expertise. Cowan was criticized for a toy company he owns importing toys from China. The Republican who wins the runoff will face Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal.

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