GOP leader Kevin McCarthy just called on Nancy Pelosi to stop the impeachment inquiry of President Trump:

I’ve written to Speaker Pelosi to halt the impeachment inquiry until we can receive public answers to the following questions.

Given the enormity of the question at hand—impeaching a duly elected president—the American public deserves fairness and transparency.

Link to the letter calling on Pelosi to “be fair to the President” like she said she would: MCCARTHY’S LETTER TO PELOSI

McCarthy questioned the direction of the inquiry:

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“Unfortunately, you have given no clear indication as to how your impeachment inquiry will proceed…including whether key historical precedents or basic standards of due process will be observed.”

McCarthy also questioned the “reckless” manner in which Pelosi has undertaken the inquiry:

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“In addition, the swiftness and recklessness with which you have proceeded has already resulted in committee chairs attempting to limit minority participation in scheduled interviews, calling into question the integrity of such an inquiry.”

It’s past time to fight back on continuing efforts to destroy President Trump to take back power on the left.

Americans need to hear from other lawmakers in D.C. who support the president!


Pelosi just backed off on an impeachment vote:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi backed off on the possibility of an impeachment vote, but she flat-out lied about what President Trump said on the phone call with the President of Ukraine.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked the House Speaker if Congress has reached a “point of no return” on impeaching Trump:

Pelosi responded: “I don’t think so. No, we just go forward and follow the facts. There are some people who say, ‘why are you calling for an inquiry? You should just call to impeach.’ I don’t think that would be fair, and it isn’t worthy of the Constitution.”

Pelosi went on to lie through her dentures to defend Rep. Adam Schiff for lying about what President Trump said in his phone call to the President of Ukraine. Schiff later claimed his words were a “parody” of the transcript of  Trump’s call with President Zelensky.

Pelosi defended Schiff:  “I want the American people to know what that phone call was about. I want them to hear it. So yeah, it’s fair, it’s sad, but it’s using the president’s own words.”

Stephanopoulos called out Pelosi for the lie that Schiff told: “Those weren’t the president’s words. It was an interpretation of the president’s words. They’re saying he made this up.”

Pelosi lies AGAIN: “He did not make it up.”

The subject was changed immediately after Pelosi was called out for lying.

Here is the previous report on Schiff’s lie:

Democrats have been flat out lying during the dog and pony show that is the House Intel Committee hearing on the whistleblower allegations against President Trump.

DNI Joseph Maguire has been testifying about the whistleblower allegations and it’s been constant spin.

Democrats have been doing their best to get anything they can on President Trump and that includes lying and omitting key points from the transcript of the phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President.

Watch the Chairman of the Intel Committee Adam Schiff completely make up lies about the contents of the call between Trump and the President of Ukraine.

He then goes on to say (video below) that it was just “parody”.

Listen to Adam Schiff when he was called out on lying about what Trump said:

He says it was “parody”!

The testimony from the director of National Intelligence has been honest and forthright but Democrats are berating him to try and get him to say something to incriminate the president.

This is a circus!

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