Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) has announced that he, along with his fellow House Republicans, will launch an investigation into the Democrats’ censorship of One America News Network (OAN).

In an interview with OAN, Rep. Carter said that, using the new power the Republicans have as they control the lower chamber, he will be investigating the Democrat members of the Energy and Commerce Committee and whether they used political pressure to get AT&T and Verizon to blacklist the conservative news outlet.

“What we witnessed on the Energy and Commerce Committee was nothing short, in my mind, of interference by members of our committee in sending letters, making inquisitions to companies about what they labeled as misinformation that was being disseminated by some of the platforms and by some of the companies,” Carter said. “Shortly thereafter, you see some of the conservative channels and some of the conservative networks being dropped from AT&T and from Verizon… One America News is an example.”

Rep. Buddy Carter (right) interviewing with OAN

Carter continued, saying that these conservative channels being dropped “raises questions as to whether the federal government, members of Congress are having influence over these companies and causing them to suppress conservative voices.”

“Look, I believe in free speech,” said Carter. “I believe that more speech is the anecdote as opposed to less speech… I believe that less government is better government.”


“The federal government should not be getting involved in private companies, businesses like that,” Carter added.

The Georgia Rep. then told OAN that one of the 118th Congress’s top priorities is to “have oversight over this,” reiterating that he intends to have an investigation into the matter of censorship.

“Let’s face it,” said Carter. “A letter, an inquiry from a member of Congress, and these companies take them seriously. And when you make those kind of inquiries… or send those kinds of letters, then those companies are gonna look at it, and they’re gonna look at it seriously.”

“That’s why it’s gonna be important for us…  to make sure… that we’re having oversight in this,” Carter concluded.

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