Republican Congressman David Brat wasn’t sitting back and waiting for MSNBC host Craig Melvin to attack him or Republican President Donald Trump. Much to the MSNBC host’s surprise, Rep Brat (R-VA) immediately went on offense telling Melvin, “But non one gets to play the innocent here!” Brat went on to explain how the media funds the Democrat Party and yet they expect Americans to believe they are being “objective” when they report the news.  Brat used media donations to Hillary’s presidential campaign as an example: “Hillary raised $2 billion dollars in the Hillary foundation from foreign money and CNN and all the biggies never found anything on that. The ‘Washington Post is great on Watergate, but they missed “Clintongate”. It may be because 97% of the donations from mainstream folks (media) go to the Democrat Party. Gee…I wonder if that could, ya know, influence the news at all?”

MSNBC host Craig Melvin attempted to blame the New York Times and Washington Post for the alleged media bias. Melvin then tried to convince his small audience that media bias doesn’t exist: “Even if that bias did exist — which, I mean, Dave, it doesn’t — even if it did –” Brat shot back: “If it exists? Now, you got to come clean with me on that one.”

Brat’s best line in the exchange however, came near the end, when Melvin mockingly said, “All of us are in cahoots together”.

Brat responded: “No, you just have a systematic bias toward liberal outcomes and growing the federal government. It’s okay — it’s America — I don’t know if it’s illegal.”


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