On multiple occasions during his 4 years in office, Democrats and far-left activists posing as journalists in the mainstream media referred to the cages built for illegal migrant children during Barack Obama’s first term in office as “Trump’s cages.” Only 4 months after occupying the White House, Barack Obama’s former vice president is making the act of caging kids on our southern border by his former boss look like child’s play.

When Joe Biden promised anyone under the age of 18, from anywhere in the world, that they would be allowed to freely enter our country, he created a full-blown crisis on our southern border. He also put the lives of thousands of children in jeopardy.

Thanks to Biden’s reckless policies, U.S. border agents are overwhelmed. Many of the border agents, who are working 10-hour shifts, 6 days a week, are being asked to act as daycare workers for children in Biden’s cages. The border agents have been asked to care for adults and kids with COVID, tuberculosis, lice, and a variety of other dangerous diseases. Curiously, the same media that falsely accused President Trump of building cages for kids on our border have somehow become completely disinterested in the incredible child crisis created by Biden’s policies on our border.

Fortunately, some of America’s best Republican lawmakers, who’ve been fighting for years to keep our borders safe and protected, are not allowing this crisis to go unreported. Republican Rep. Steve Scalise (LA) traveled to the Donna processing facility in Texas yesterday and is now sharing an incredible video from his trip.

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Rep. Scalise’s video shows cages filled with kids, mostly on the floor, covered in foil blankets. A few adults can be seen stepping over them, as some movement can be seen under the foil blankets. Chickens in slaughterhouses are likely treated better than these foreign kids who Biden invited to America. Scalise is right to liken this scene to “child abuse.”

Watch the incredible video below that looks more like a scene from the “Dawn of the Dead” than a detention center for humans.

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Where is the outcry from Democrat lawmakers? Where is the outcry from the Catholic Social Services who are helping to move these kids around the United States? Where is the coverage from the mainstream media?

We spoke with retired ICE Special Agent Victor Avila yesterday about the crisis on our southern border. Avila addressed the horror show on the border and spoke about these kids and how sex traffickers, human traffickers, and criminals are using these kids as their “ticket” into the United States.

Watch his incredible interview here:

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